What is the BioZ ICG test?
The ICG test is a completely noninvasive test that can be performed in either a physician's office or hospital setting to provide your physician information about your heart's ability to deliver blood to the rest of your body, the force your heart has to pump against with each heartbeat, and the amount of fluid in your chest.

In a physician's office, the ICG test does not replace any tests that your physician is currently performing. Many patients are familiar with the ECG (or EKG) test, which measures the electrical function of the heart. The ICG test measures the mechanical function of the heart, and provides different information than an ECG.

In the hospital, the ICG test provides some of the same information that a physician may receive from a right-heart catheterization (also known as pulmonary artery catheterization), which is usually done in the operating room or intensive care area. Because the ICG test is noninvasive, it can be performed anywhere in the hospital.

Why would I need the BioZ ICG test?
If you are being treated in the physician's office and have heart failure, high blood pressure, lung disease, a pacemaker, or are on any cardiac drugs, then the ICG test may provide helpful information for your physician to make decisions about your drug therapy or pacemaker settings.

In the hospital, ICG monitoring may be used in the emergency, operating, intensive care, or any patient care area to assist your physician in his or her assessment and treatment of your condition.

You can discuss with your physician whether the ICG test is right for you.

What is BioZ Impedance Cardiography (ICG) Technology?
ICG, initially used by NASA to monitor astronauts in space flight, is an innovative technology that for the first time gives medical professionals noninvasive (without cutting into the body) access to information about your heartís ability to deliver blood to your body and the amount of fluid in your chest.

  • Four dual bioimpedance sensors are placed on the patient's neck & chest.
  • A very small electrical signal is transmitted (outer sensors) through the chest.
  • The inner sensors receive the transmitted current, as well as the patient's ECG.
  • The electrical signal is analyzed by sophisticated software and recorded.
This signal cannot be felt & does not interfere with anything inside or outside the body.

Why is BioZ ICG Technology Considered a Medical Technology Breakthrough?
The BioZ noninvasive heart monitor quickly and safely provides vital patient data that assists in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of the number one killer of men and women ó Cardiovascular disease.

  • Quickly Assess & Diagnose
  • Customize & Target Treatment
  • Monitor the Effectiveness of Prescribed Medications
  • Help Identify Underlying Cardiovascular Disorder